Episode 8 | Starting a content business, consistently creating, and overcoming addictions with Tim Stoddart

In episode 8 of Info Product Mastery, Adrian talks to Tim Stoddart: entrepreneur, content authoring expert, and partner at Copyblogger.



Topics covered

[01:05] Adrian starts by discussing how he and Tim met, why he loves the internet, and all the things they have in common.

[03:31] Tim and Adrian have both not only lived in Philadelphia, but have also both struggled with substance abuse in the past, and learned from those experiences to make their current selves better. Adjacent to that Adrian asks Tim how learning to do content creation has changed his life and allowed him to grow his businesses. 

[04:39] “Content in general has been a really important part not just my business and my life, but my philosophy on life” – Tim Stoddart

[05:26] There are many examples of how the age we live in isn’t in line with how our brains work. 

[06:12] The practice of writing and creating has been Tim’s exercise in making himself engage.

[9:10] For Tim, creating and life are one thing. For him being a creator is just being a person. Everyone has something they can share with the world, it’s just a matter of contributing.

[10:29] “Speaking for me, I get to do what I love. I get to serve other people..” – Tim Stoddart

[12:40] It’s important to remember that while you have to start somewhere, content creation takes practice and technical skill. 

[14:59] Adrian asks Tim about imposter syndrome and how that has affected his creating.

[16:20] Tim recounts why he started a blog in the first place. 

[18:18] Adrian talks about his own experience with imposter syndrome and the challenges with breaking into info products.

[22:15] Showing up everyday, honing your skills and doing the work is key to success. 

[24:01] Tim discusses his thoughts on discipline and motivation, and how he thinks about the things he wants to accomplish as part of his lifestyle. 

[26:32] “It’s a law of physics that it takes more force to get something moving than it does to keep it moving.” -Tim Stoddart. 

[27:19] Adrian and Tim discuss sobriety and what that has meant for them personally and professionally. 

[29:50] Tim shares a message of hope when it comes to addiction with anyone that may be struggling. 

[34:25] “For whatever reason, it takes what it takes for people to learn the lessons for themselves.” Tim Stoddart on giving advice, addiction and people’s refusal to learn from others, and also how hard it is to see from a better perspective without experience. 

[36:38] Accepting that you have no true control in life is a liberating experience, and the only thing you can ever control is what you do. 

[37:57] Do what you can do and then let it go so you can move on to spending time doing more of the things that you CAN do. That is important in entrepreneurial ventures.

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