Episode 7 | In-person training vs. online education/info products, finding your niche, and lessons learned with Andrew Connell

In episode 7, Adrian talks to Andrew Connell, Microsoft 365 and Sharepoint framework expert, on how he’s spent the past decade making a full-time living building info products for developers.



Topics covered

[00:54] Adrian and AC talk about how they met over a decade ago, and how forming an in person relationship is so important.

[03:16] AC talks about developers’ typical skill sets, and his experience getting into info products.

[05:00] No matter who you are, you’re gonna gravitate towards what your natural skill set is. For developers that’s writing code, not marketing. It takes discipline and practice to learn what you are not good at.

[07:21] Marketing campaigns take time to develop and see results, and unlike writing code, that takes patience and time.

[09:22] Adrian discusses feeling like an imposter, stuck between academia and industry, and how raising his prices was scary, but also led to having a much more successful business.

[12:27] After raising prices, your sales will probably go down. You have to look at not only total volume of sales, but the price point and the margins. What metrics are you looking at?

[13:14] Pricing versus number of customers is an important metric. If you are selling at a low price point to a lot of customers, you also have to support all of those sales, and that can be a bad thing.

[14:22] AC talks about dealing with customers that are not happy with your content and how to mentally process that, and why it’s okay that some people won’t be happy with what you are doing.

[16:13] It’s okay to fire negative customers. 

[18:40] Adrian and AC discuss his beginnings in info products, and how he transitioned into an online marketplace versus in person.

[20:01] AC explains why he wouldn’t go back to doing in person info product teaching, and why his reasoning is not just about the profit margins.

[21:59] After having a successful in-person info product business for a number of years, AC gives a personal example of why his old business model was causing him to burnout and what that looked like for him.

[24:54] Developers in general, shy to the side of being introverts. Being around other people can be draining. 

[25:42] After leaving his initial info product business, AC didn’t have an immediate plan for his future. He talks about what led him into the online info product space.

[27:07] “I love the model of: build it once, publish it. I don’t have to repeat what I’m saying over and over” – Andrew Connell. 

[28:43] The downside to not selling your info products through a third party and why that doesn’t really work that well in the long run. 

[30:39] Adrian remembers how he heard about AC due to his knowledge of the Microsoft 365 and Sharepoint ecosystems, and asks about how he got there.

[33:00] While working for his old employer, AC was having to learn new skills, and help bring his team up to speed with new systems.

[34:41] Right place, right time. AC discusses how he was able to leverage his knowledge of specific Microsoft products at a time when it was new and he was one of the few with the skill to teach it.

[35:49] “How did I get in the space that I’m in right now? Microsoft had me come back to them.” – AC on his inside track at Microsoft

[36:54] “I’ve got an audience of SharePoint developers. And, I’m still in this whole space of what am I gonna do with my life?” – AC

[38:53] Adrian talks about right place, right time, and why that is not necessarily lighting in a bottle.

[41:16] Opportunities come and go constantly. It’s important not to go find them, but rather be good at listening, and know what you are looking for.

[43:43] It’s easier to sell an aspirin than a vitamin. Look at what people are asking for and make content for those topics.

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