Episode 3 | 7 reasons why developers have an unfair advantage when creating info products

In episode 3, Adrian discusses 7 reasons why developers have an unfair advantage when creating info products and online education businesses.



Topics covered

[1:13] Adrian explains why he had an advantage over the general population in the education niche.

[2:22] You already have the knowledge that other people will pay for.

[4:00] Adrian gives specific examples of knowledge developers have, a lot of times that they could make info products on. 

[5:10] Developers’ technical skills are way above average. If you don’t know something already, you can likely teach yourself or learn a new skill on your own.

[7:35] There is an innate desire to build and create inside of most developers. 

[10:00] It’s common for developers to help each other with problems on different forums. Creating info products is another way of doing that.

[12:09] Everyone enjoys making money while they sleep. Developers understand this concept intuitively. 

[13:20] Adrian gives a personal example of the benefits of passive income.

[14:35] As a developer, making an info product will make your skills better. Teaching something requires you to know a topic better than you previously did.

[15:41] Creating info products will make you a better, more well rounded, successful person. Adrian discusses the tangential benefits of doing this work. 

[17:55] Most developers already have the knowledge and technical proficiency to teach. What you don’t know you will learn along the way.

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