Episode 29 | Email marketing, copywriting, and RageHeart with John McIntyre

In episode 29, I sit down with copywriting legend, John McIntyre, and we discuss email marketing, copywriting, and his new business RageHeart.



Topics covered

[00:35] Adrian talks about John and how he listened to his podcast, The McMethod Podcast and learned all about copywriting.

[01:26] Adrian asks John to talk a little bit about his personal history and his beginnings in copywriting. 

[03:24] Adrian remarks on how copywriting has taken John around the world and also how in the age of the internet if you have a skill you can market, you can work from anywhere.

[05:04] “Success in anything requires knowing how to persuade people..” – John

[07:13] “I just thought copywriting was an ephemeral skill..” – Adrian

[08:25] John discusses the importance of understanding people in writing copy.

[10:30] John explains why he started his podcast.

[12:50] Adrian wants to know why John switched over from Drip to Berserker.

[18:24] Adrian talks about the million dollar Google Docs program. One of his favorite things John has shared through his email list.

[19:22] Adrian wants to know what John’s favorite pattern interrupts are.

[21:00] “The copy is only part of the thing….maybe the problem is the market, or the offer that you’re making…” – John

[22:05] John talks about PersuasivePage.com and how they do great and innovative work in copywriting.

[25:35] John introduces his new business RageHeart.co, and explains what it is. 

[28:37] “If you can explain someone’s problem to them better than they can explain it they will immediately trust you” – John

[29:36] John discusses how while everyone is trying to work on themselves, approaching self help and healing via the nervous system has totally changed his life.

[31:27] “This somatic stuff, this nervous system stuff is doing the same thing” – John commenting on his use of plant medicines and the parallels with somatic therapy.

[32:38] RageHeart is a combination of Somatic therapy and plant medicine therapy branded in a different way than your typical self-help type therapies.

[33:28] Adrian talks about his own life challenges and struggles and how he overcame them with similar therapies to John.

[37:35] “If you think about what holds people back…it’s fear, it’s doubt…all of these things relate to the nervous system..” – John on how doing the work to make yourself better will actually make your business more successful and happier in general.

[41:39] Adrian agrees with John about doing this somatic and plant based self work, and talks about how even if you are taking the time to reflect, that doesn’t always address the root cause of problems that might be underlying.

[42:00] Adrian discusses the “enough” problem and how that can also be solved with this type of self work.

[43:01] John remarks on how most of us are literally just trying to find safety and that is what is the underlying driver at our core.

[44:49] “Instead of moving through life feeling a constant sense of threat….what’s life gonna be like now that I feel safe…I’m not dancing to get anywhere..I’m dancing for the love of it.” – John

[46:34] “If no one has told you ….let me be the one…..you have helped me tremendously…” – Adrian to John on his positive influence.

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