Episode 27 | Profy.dev teardown with Johannes Kettmann

In episode 27, I chat with Johannes Kettmann about his website, Profy.dev. We discuss tactics and techniques to regularly produce content, improve your email list conversion, and build a profitable info product company.



Topics covered

[01:25] Adrian starts by asking Johannes why he wanted to start React training.

[02:55] Johannes talks about why self taught developers have a hard time finding their first job.

[05:42] Johannes designed his React job simulator to help students learn the way he did, on the job. 

[07:22] Adrian asks Johannes about his price points for the membership to his site.

[08:20] The initial launch of Johannes’ product converted reasonably well, but the most recent launch was much lower but with a bigger email list. He wants to know why.  

[11:23] After learning a bit about where the traffic to Johanne’s site comes from, Adrian talks about consistency in content marketing, and how he breaks the work down into “seasons.”

[13:10] “I’m batching all of this, so there’s zero context switching with all of this.” – Adrian

[16:31] Adrian gives one of his key workflow optimizations. 

[21:11] “You can be immensely more productive by reducing the number of hours you work in a day.” – Adrian

[22:12] Adrian asks Johanne about his LinkedIn activity.

[25:59] After Adrian suggests looking to LinkedIn for audience building, Johannes talks about struggling to find an audience online because of his narrow focus.

[28:05] After talking about his goals and what he might need help with, Adrian asks what email opt-ins Johannes is currently offering.

[30:45] Having gone over Johanne’s specific email opt in’s, the guys get more specific on the actual blog post content and what they contain.

[32:46] Adrian gave some tips to Johannes on how he can get more opt-ins on the email list and how he can also get more segmentation by making some changes on his blog posts. Johannes agrees that more segmentation is needed because his open rates were low.

[33:53] Adrian introduces the concept of a shadow newsletter.

[35:11] “If you already have a library of quality pieces, there’s no reason you can’t…reuse that.” – Adrian

[36:48] Johannes has one last question. His parental leave is almost over and he wants to know if there is anything he can do in the short month he has for “quick win.”

[38:14] “Put your Github URLs behind an email opt-in.” – Adrian

[41:12] “It does take time, and it does take that discipline to create that content.” – Adrian on focusing on the long term goals.

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