Episode 26 | Transitioning from freelancer to content creator with Austin Church

In episode 26, Adrian sits down with Austin Church and they discuss the path to transitioning from freelancer to content creator.



Topics covered

[00:29] Adrian introduces Austin Church.

[01:45] Austin comments on his career trajectory and how unexpected it has been.

[03:31] “It’s funny now, I guess I’ve come full circle..” – Austin

[06:08] Looking back, Austin realizes he was always headed towards being an entrepreneur

[07:45] Adrian discusses how interests change and how after working on something and succeeding, he desires to move on.

[08:55] Austin looks back on his journey and realizes his wide variety of interests can be a danger as an entrepreneur. 

[11:04] “Because entrepreneurship is so intertwined with personal development, you have to constantly check in and ask, Do I still want to be doing this?” – Austin

[13:08] Austin talks about his current work with Freelancecake.com and his journey there as a freelance creative.

[15:00] “What do six figure freelancers think and do differently…” – Austin

[17:25] In 2018, Austin rolled out a coaching program where he talked about the four P’s: positioning, packaging, pricing, and pipeline.  

[18:04] “There are certain…shareable advantages…that are available to those of us who sell creativity.” – Austin

[19:48] Adrian discusses the most underrated leverage of all time, the power of saying “No.” 

[19:48] Austin continues discussing the power of no and what he calls “disciplined simplicity.” 

[22:17] “I have to address the root cause of saying yes so often and that is scarcity mindset” – Austin

[23:19] Adrian asks Austin  what advice he would give freelancers who want to eventually make the switch to being full time content creators.

[25:35] “That paradigm shift….I’m actually trying to grow two businesses at the same time.” – Austin

[26:19] Since selling products will be new to most freelancers, you will be prone to making mistakes just like when you were first a freelancer.

[26:43] “I talk about three paths to diversified income…..value based pricing…….scaling into a micro agency….or digital products. It’s amazing to me… that very accomplished people….almost without exception…do it the wrong way.” – Austin

[29:28] Freelancers who are frustrated with what they’re earning…it’s gonna go back to….positioning, packaging, pipeline, pricing.” – Austin

[31:13] “You can’t compare what you’re doing in the programming world to what you’re doing in the product world.” – Adrian

[34:04] After Adrian talks about buying an existing company or audience asset instead of starting from scratch in info products, Austin responds with his thoughts on that approach.

[36:36] “If you want to build a product business, you have to find out what people want, and then give them more of that.” – Austin

[37:08] “The thing that seems so obvious to you…….that you can’t imagine that someone would want to pay you for this…may actually be your best first product.” – Austin

[39:34] Austin reminds the listener to “pay attention to what wants to happen.” 

[41:15] Freelancers probably have ideas and documents that could be turned into info products once they find the demand.

[42:25] After listening to Austin talk about “selling sawdust,” meaning things that you have already made that folks might find valuable, Adrian realizes that he has over 500 blog posts as well as templates and best practices from PyImagesearch that could be re-packaged.

[43:22] Austin remarks on how a lot of the multi six figure creators that he knows are focused on 1, or a small amount of products or offerings versus a wide array.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 26 | Transitioning from freelancer to content creator with Austin Church”

  1. Thanks Austin and Adrian, for connecting these dots for us.

    Austin— selling our sawdust. I’ve not freelanced yet, though may consider doing as I create my info products. Meanwhile, based on a unique service I ran for years— niche aspirin for niche clients— have years of sawdust laying around! Strategies, templates, checklists, cheat sheets, etc. That’s on top of my main how-to content for those wanting to break into this work. OK, more content marketing comes next, (which competes with time with clients, but gotta hang in through that, is what I’m hearing).

    Great interviewing, Adrian! All your episodes are excellent.


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