Episode 25 | Questioning the default path to work and life with Paul Millerd

In episode 25, Paul Millerd comes on the show and we question the default path to work and life.



Topics covered

[00:40] Adrian introduces Paul Millerd and how much he loved his book The Pathless Path.

[02:59] “I have this sense that something is off…….and writing for me was really this search for my own truth..” – Paul

[04:24] Paul gives a synopsis of his coming of age, his early career, and how he landed in entrepreneurship.

[06:56] Paul discusses his discontentment with the traditional path.

[08:52] “Have my principles won out against this environment, or have they been undermined?” – Paul 

[09:40] Adrian asks Paul to define what he thinks of as the default path.

[10:44] “A vast majority of people….don’t have the energy to crush it…” – Paul

[13:07] Adrian talks about his early career work obsession and why he was chasing success by working himself unsustainably. 

[14:41] “Since everyone else is doing the same thing, you don’t realize you’re becoming this…way.” – Paul

[16:00] “Alright, it’s 5, 6 o’clock…I’ve been working like 12 hours straight…I’m gonna walk down to the bar…..” – Adrian

[17:08] Adrian asks Paul how he developed the courage to break from the typical cycles in the midst of  criticism.

[19:38] “I was using the story of freelance for the first year, but I had no idea what I was doing…it was really scary..” – Paul

[20:19] Paul discusses the way that some people are still critical with his way of life even though he has been able to find some success.

[21:22] “My need to question things is what has led me to this” – Paul

[22:08] Adrian asks Paul to define success.

[24:02] “Success very practically for me is, can I keep this journey going without harming the people in my life?” – Paul

[26:13] Adrian references Jordan Peterson talking about the hero’s journey and “slaying the   dragon.” 

[28:39] For someone starting a career at times in the past, you did have to put your head down and “trust the company and keep working.” (Paul)

[30:21] Paul introduces his concept “Ship, Quit, and Learn.”

[33:19] Adrian talks about being self-employed and having the ability to make your own schedule and create the life you want versus being forced into a particular schedule in a traditional job.

[35:30] “I’m very good at non-work” – Paul

[39:25] Adrian asks Paul for advice for beginner writers.

[36:55] Adrian comments on being able to take time off from work for self reflection and the importance of that.

[41:06] Paul recounts that writing is infinitely interesting and challenging to him. Even after writing a book he still struggles in a good way to find the words.

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