Episode 24 | Digging into previous year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales numbers with Andrew Connell

In episode 24, we have Andrew Connell back on the show. We continue our conversation on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and dig into the numbers from AC’s previous Black Friday sales.



Topics covered

[00:44] Listener Rashat shares some feedback about IPM from Germany.

[02:45] AC is back to share some more specifics on his experience with last year’s Black Friday and what he might do this year.

[04:06] AC dives into talking about last year’s Black Friday sale.

[04:32] AC gives the context of what his business is.

[05:40] Adrian explains the “V” shaped sales curve that typically happens during a sale like Black Friday.

[09:48] AC lists some things he struggles with for Black Friday sales.

[12:15] “I don’t like the idea of re-opening…an extra discount on Monday……” – Adrian responding to one of AC’s questions about how to handle BF sales across the weekend.

[13:15] “If you’re concerned about the weekend, I feel like that’s a perfect opportunity for segmentation.” – Adrian talking about how to segment your audience and specifically business versus individual customers. 

[15:35] After the first sale on either Thursday or Friday, every day until Monday is just a continuation of the sale. 

[16:25] It’s ok to give business customers some extra time to purchase using a discount if they have special billing requirements.

[17:32] Adrian talks about handling individual customers who are asking for a discount after the sale is over.

[20:08] Adrian goes over a coupon code idea AC suggested for late customers and why he doesn’t like it.

[21:25] “Don’t try to get too gimmicky with it…just follow the plan.” – AC

[22:37] AC sells to a lot of businesses or to business people who are doing this for their job. He asks Adrian if they should be treated any differently. 

[24:29] “With personalization, a little bit goes a long way” – Adrian

[28:43] AC talks about his plans for this year’s Black Friday sales changes.

[29:59] Adrian explains what a reverse sale is.

[31:23] AC discusses not running cold ads over the weekend of Black Friday.

[32:28] Adrian talks about conversion rates using cold versus retargeting ads.

[34:42] “Black Friday is a launch event for a discount…you really want the money to be spent on a warm audience.” – AC

[35:45] “You were probably spending..10x…20x….more than we were…” – Adrian responding to AC’s ad budget compared to PyImageSearch. 

[37:46] Adrian points out the effect of the “natural bull market” and the effect that can have.

[40:39] AC discusses not overthinking things and keeping with the plan.

[42:15] “Keep it simple, show up, have boundaries….” – Adrian 

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