Episode 23 | Should you run a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale?

In episode 23, Andrew Connell and I discuss whether or not you should run a Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale.



Topics covered

[00:53] Adrian and AC begin discussing today’s topic, their experience building and selling Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

[01:18] Should an info product creator run a Black Friday sale?

[03:05] These are international sales days. People from all over the world participate, and they are conditioned to buy during this time.

[04:04] Black Friday and Cyber Monday can be a large portion of your entire year’s income.

[05:28] “It’s Black Friday, it’s almost like this global holiday for sales.” – Adrian

[05:58] The first key to success is planning it ahead of time, including letting people know ahead of time.

[07:59] Email and support is very important for this period of time. Those replies can be an instant sale.

[08:47] Be ready to pivot if something happens.

[09:52] “Do you have a blueprint you follow every year?” – AC to Adrian. Adrian then breaks down this typical plan.

[11:53] One of the best tactics can be to create scarcity with pricing. 

[13:13] AC shares his experiences trying to mirror what he saw Adrian doing, and his own insights as well.

[14:30] AC shares a specific tactic that he did differently from Adrian.

[15:54] “Shut off all of your ads…..once Black Friday starts..” – AC

[17:23] “I’d almost treat Black Friday like a launch event” – AC

[19:15] AC prompts Adrian about whether he does the same thing every year or not in terms of the specifics for Black Friday sales tactics.

[19:43] “You need to align the entire business behind this…event.” – Adrian on preparing for Black Friday.

[20:56] The guys discuss a full takeover style email opt-in and why they don’t like it.

[22:31] Sales can be V shaped during the weekend, meaning most sales happen at the beginning and the end. 

[23:46] “We actually spent Saturday and Sunday doing a lot of education…” – Adrian on the days between.

[24:44] After giving some email advice, Adrian recommends including a countdown timer and why.

[27:25] “Newsflash, they’re getting a lot of email from everybody on that weekend..” – AC on being afraid to send too many emails.

[28:58] Adrian discusses ways he creates scarcity in the digital world.

[29:41] Some tactics work too well. Adrian remembers a time when he was crashing servers with giveaways.

[32:39] “The hard part is you only get to do this once a year. Some things will work for your audience and some things won’t..” – AC

[34:27] AC continues to discuss promotional ideas and the importance of doing something different than usual.

[35:52] Adrian discusses why he likes one option versus offering a lot of content at once as a deal.

[37:21] After the guys have kicked around more than a few ideas for Black Friday sales and techniques, AC warns about overdoing it. 

[38:40] Adrian suggests the guys record more Black Friday episodes since they have so much to share on this topic. 

[40:58] AC reacts to Adrians question about starting a community for info products specifically. 

[46:20] After discussing options for a forum, AC poses the question to the listeners. What format do you prefer? 

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