Episode 21 | From JavaScript developer to successful content creator with Simon Grimm

In episode 21, I sit down with Simon Grimm and discuss his path from JavaScript developer to content creator, and how it’s given him an incredible lifestyle and balance with his family.



Topics covered

[01:25]  Adrian introduces Simon Grimm, a podcaster, developer, and info product creator.

[03:00] Simon talks to Adrian about how their backgrounds are similar but also completely different as developers.

[04:32] Being that Simon specializes in Javascript, Adrian asks where Ionic fits into the overall framework of Javascript.

[05:49] “It’s more of a UI library..” – Simon referring to Ionic

[07:02] Simon discusses how he went from being a developer to an info product creator.

[07:29] “I can’t exactly why I started a blog in the first place. I think it was just to document whatever I learned.” – Simon

[10:43] “Create content, get out of your comfort zone, and if you find that you’re learning something new….and especially if you find that the documentation for a library is poor….that is in your face market validation….” – Adrian

[11:53] “You were consistent. It took years to do, it wasn’t overnight…..” – Adrian responding to Simon talking about the beginning of this blog and the time and effort it took to build it.

[13:53] “And by the way. About the beginnings of my blog. This was so bad…..” – Simon joking about his early content but also knowing that you have to start somewhere.

[15:18] Adrian remarks on early content and how even if it isn’t the best or greatest, it still had value to someone. You can look back at your early work and see that after a period of time of publishing consistently. 

[17:03] “I never want to lose that ability to hit publish on something.” – Adrian remarking on the feeling of putting yourself out there.

[18:48] After the guys joke about OnlyFans, Adrian asks Simon about the journey for the subscriber. How does he get customers to opt in and purchase content?

[21:17] “Right now I’m a big fish in a small pond..Ionic is a small niche, and people know me as an expert.” – Simon remarking on future plans for his business after talking about the customer journey and the difficulties he faces.

[23:47] “Niching down to the point where you can find this area that you can dominate….and then from there you start climbing up the ladder to these larger and larger markets” – Adrian on how to start creating and then grow and transition your business.

[28:32] After Simon talks about transitioning his business and preparing for the inevitable future in which he will have to learn and teach new ideas, Adrian responds by saying “the most intelligent people are all eventually successful.” In the end it’s about showing up and doing the work.

[30:28] Adrian asks Simon to give advice to listeners who are in the process of building their email list. 

[31:24] “Give them something they can immediately apply to their work.” – Simon on a tactic to help build your email list and interest.

[33:04] The guys comment on perfectionism and how that is such a huge downfall.

[34:08] Adrian gives a personal story about perfectionism with someone he knows well.

[35:52] “I’m not here to reinvent the wheel….you wanna write content and help people.” – Simon

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