Episode 20 | Copywriting and social media with Neville Medhora

In episode 20, we discuss copywriting and social media tips with Neville Medhora.



Topics covered

[00:48] Adrian introduces Neville Medhora. They talk about their history in copywriting, social media, and the info product business.

[01:19] Neville’s first tip. If you type and edit any website of a copywriting course, you can use the java script provided and use developer tools to edit any website you want to see what it might look like.

[02:12] Neville talks about how he looked into Adrian, learned a bit about him, and then is curious how he ended up in info products.

[03:12] “I’m finding myself wanting to be around the creators..” – Adrian on why he is making a podcast about info products.

[05:38] Neville discusses the changing digital marketplace, the changes he has seen in his career, and where he wants to ideally funnel customers.

[07:51] “It’s just an overlay on top of the world.” – Neville on Social Media

[09:29] “The ultimate funnel is to get them on email.” – Neville

[12:48] Adrian asks Neville about his website, Copywritingcourse.com. Neville discusses how he got into email marketing and how he pivoted from his first business into the email marketing and copywriting space by being involved in AppSumo.com.

[13:35] “Hey Neville, how come I’m reading all your emails, and I know you’re trying to sell me something…..but I read all the way through to the end.” – Neville on copywriting.

[15:59] Neville discusses the importance of short content. 

[16:19] “I do think emotion is part of it, but I think sometimes the logic is part of it..” – Neville on writing copy.

[18:19] Adrian asks Neville to talk more about having content creators creating for him rather than trying to do it all himself. 

[21:45] Neville gives advice specifically to developers about creating and marketing.

[23:02] “For people making…software and very technical products..it’s actually a combination of showing with a headline and maybe a sub-headline. It’s actually quite simple.” – Neville 

[24:39] Neville talks about the importance of practicing writing, and how that is incorporated into his courses on his website.

[26:14] Adrian and Neville discuss A.I. copywriting and the pros and cons.

[27:25] “Every time a new technology comes along, it does destroy some jobs, but usually those jobs suck..” – Neville on using A.I. to make your workflow more productive.

[29:42] Adrian and Neville continue discussing A.I., and what that might mean for creators.

[30:39] “You have to have a little bit of disruption in order for something new to emerge.” – Adrian

[30:54] Neville talks about how new technology initially creates fear, but then slowly over time it becomes accepted, and then normalized. 

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