Episode 2 | What is an Info Product?

In episode 2 of Info Product Mastery, Adrian Rosebrock discusses what an info product is, and how an online education business can help you build a passive income stream, quit your day job, and even achieve financial independence.



Topics covered

[0:40] What is an info product? Adrian explains.

[2:15] The general idea is that a customer is trading their money for your knowledge.

[2:55] It’s important to consider what topic and medium our audience is seeking for your content.

[4:08] Info products can be very niche specific. You don’t have to assume your customer is a novice. 

[5:14] Your audience can grow with you. You can scale your business as the audience skills increase. 

[6:22] You can create info products while you are learning new skills. You don’t already have to be an expert in something to create educational content and build an audience.

[8:07] Did you build the right thing? Adrian discusses how typically developers are tasked with building what the client needs, but what the client needs doesn’t always make the money.

[9:30] How can an info product create a passive income stream? Adrian talks about a four step process.

[10:55] Email is very important, even in the age of social media. It outperforms in terms of sales compared to most other platforms.

[12:55] Adrian tells a personal story about the benefits of passive income. 

[14:00] Some pros and cons of different sales platforms for info products. 

[16:19] The benefits of self publishing your own content and why that investment is worth it.

[18:00] Adrian talks about PyImageSearch and his thought process of creating his first info products. 

[21:00] The importance of putting yourself in a position to succeed. Adrian talks about his own decision to put his energy into creating PyImageSearch.
[21:36] What makes an info product special?

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