Episode 19 | 3x’ing sales with email segmentation and personalization with Jason Resnick

In episode 19, we chat with email marketing and automation expert, Jason Resnick, on how segmentation and personalization can drive more sales to your info product and online education business.



Topics covered

[02:29] Adrian remembers working with Jason when he was running PyImageSearch, and talks about their email campaigns using Convert Kit and Active Campaign, and also how after learning to use one system, you can sort of transfer that knowledge. 

[03:35] Jason remarks on the similarity of different email marketing tools. Similar to coding languages, the skills are transferable.

[04:52] Jason discusses how he got into marketing automation, how he made that pivot from initially being a developer, and his interest in ecommerce in the early days of the internet.

[08:18] Adrian talks about the McMethod Podcast, and how the host John McIntyre pinpointed the importance of empathy.

[10:13] In order to become a better copywriter, Jason studied marketing emails.

[13:00] “You can have the best automation, the most high tech stuff going on, but really it’s the words on the page and making that connection with the subscriber.” – Jason

[14:12] “A little bit of psychology, a little bit of empathy goes a long way.” – Adrian on understanding and relating to your customers.

[17:53] “When you treat the email list like human beings, amazing transformations happen.” – Jason on a recent email experiment he did within his own business.

[18:56] Adrian asks Jason about engagement and segmentation. Jason describes the difference between segmentation and personalization, and then describes how he does this to reach specific audiences within his customer base.

[24:11] Adrian reiterates Jason’s point on segmentation, and then describes some ways in which you can use personal data you might collect about an individual and use that to connect with them personally through your business.

[26:16] Jason gives a real life example of how he helped one of his customers capture 3x more business by understanding what their consumer was looking for and targeting the ads to their needs.

[29:01] “The sustainability of your business really happens in the middle of the funnel.” – Jason

[29:48] Jason describes what the idea is behind his company and “nurturing” people through the middle of the funnel in order to learn more about them and market products to them that they actually need. 

[33:16] Adrian asks Jason for some tips and techniques for email marketers to get lift in sales.

[37:41] Jason gives some examples of tools email marketers can use to survey their audience.

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