Episode 18 | Building your own tools vs. paying for SaaS apps when running an info product business

In episode 18, we’ll discuss whether or not you should build your own tools or pay for SaaS apps when building an info product business.



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[00:32] This week’s episode begins with a personal story from Adrian about he and his family’s last day in Philadelphia

[01:26] “I almost got into a fight within 30 minutes of us putting our final bags in the car and leaving for good…” – Adrian

[05:18] After explaining a situation where a neighbor is being aggressive towards Adrian, he discusses what he could have done and why he didn’t.

[06:00] “I had to be a bigger person, and when you’re in one of those situations, it doesn’t feel good to swallow your pride..” – Adrian

[07:28] The point of telling this story on the podcast is its relevance to a listener question Adrian received recently. Listener Misha asks in short, if she should build her own software as part of her online school, or if she should use tools that are already available.

[08:15] “Don’t try to build your own tools when others exist that will do the job for you.” – Adrian in response to Misha’s question. 

[08:51] It’s easy for developers to fall into the trap of building apps to solve problems when there are already solutions that work and are reliable. Adrian explains why. 

[09:19] “You need to push back on that engineer brain, don’t let it bully you around. Have the strength and courage to identify what will move your business forward, and execute on that. Limit all your other distractions.” – Adrian

[10:42] Adrian is a big fan of anti-fragility, meaning when there is a solution that may be technically better, but a bit more fragile, he will choose the sub-optimal method. 

[11:18] Writing code or building custom integrations isn’t going to sell more books or courses. Your time is better spent in other areas like copywriting, recording a new video, or sending out an email blast. These kinds of tasks will move your business forward. 

[11:46] “So to sum up, avoid the fight. Avoid the trap of building your own solutions…..it may sometimes feel counterintuitive…but it’s just not worth the fight. You’ll lose time, money, and customers if you try to build everything yourself.” – Adrian

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