Episode 16 | Learning how to market as a programmer, mistakes made marketing info products, and strategies for marketing to a tech audience

In episode 16, we’ll discuss how to market as a programmer, mistakes made when marketing info products, and strategies for marketing to a tech audience.



Topics covered

[00:30] This week’s featured listener review.

[01:42] “You can meet some truly amazing people by putting yourself out there..” – Adrian on the listener who submitted the review.

[02:21] Adrian shares his inspiration for today’s episode.

[03:04] “How did you learn all of this as a developer……?” – the first of three questions Adrian answers today from a Reddit post.

[03:50] “The only way to become a better marketer, is to actually do it.” – Adrian

[04:30] Focusing on copywriting is the key to success in an online business.

[04:58] “You cannot build a successful online business without some level of empathy for your customer.” – Adrian

[05:49] “What specific mistakes did you make in marketing your products…” – the second of three questions in today’s episode.

[07:26] Sell the transformation. Connect with the audience’s emotion instead of stating facts. Facts don’t make sales.

[08:46] “ Your goal in marketing your product is less about the features and more about the transformation process” – Adrian

[09:00] Adrian explains how to demonstrate the path to developers.

[10:19] You will learn more from your customers if you are humble.

[10:58] “What strategies did you use to market to the tech audience..?” – the third question for today’s episode

[12:41] “Nearly every experiment we ran pushing ads to cold audiences….failed..” – Adrian

[13:07] Adrian explains why PImageSearch became a top 30,000 website online because of their SEO.

[13:46] Quality content is important for SEO because Google measures how long people stay on your site. 

[14:19] “Write your content for people, not for machines…” – Adrian discusses why it’s important not to write content for the algorithm.

[15:54] Social media does not always translate to sales, especially not when stacked against email marketing.

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