Episode 15 | 3 resources I used to successfully learn copywriting as a programmer/developer

In episode 15, I’ll share three resources that helped me successfully learn marketing and copywriting as a programmer.



Topics covered

[00:30] Adrian shares a few testimonials the show received recently.

[03:21] Adrian reviews a comment received from a listener about episode 9 in which he used the term “subordinate” referring to an employee. He reviews what he was talking about in that episode and how to relate and interact with your peers and teammates in an info product business.

[06:16] We dive into today’s topics. Three resources Adrian used to learn marketing and copywriting.

[06:46] “Developers are linear thinkers….we work in code and understand logic flow….however copywriting…that’s not logical linear thinking..” – Adrian

[08:22] Copy Hackers program. Joanna Wiebe’s books on copywriting helped Adrian learn how to get started writing material that would connect with his customers.

[09:43] The second resource Adrian used to learn copywriting is the Copy Hour Program. In short, you receive emails daily with old school sales letters that will help train your brain to learn how to write copy by literally copying these old letters by hand.

[11:21] The third resource Adrian recommends is the McMethod Podcast and Drop Dead Copy. 

[11:42] “It wasn’t theory or academic based….absolutely everything was about results..” – Adrian on The McMethod Podcast.

[13:00] Adrian shares two personal stories where his copywriting went wrong.

[15:00] “I was focusing way too hard on the tactics, and not enough on the content..” – Adrian

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