Episode 14 | Growing your audience with LinkedIn and building your first info product with Avery Smith

In episode 14, we chat with Avery Smith, data science expert and owner of DataCareerJumpstart.com, about LinkedIn marketing and building your first info product.



Topics covered

[02:06] Avery talks about how he got into data science and why he wasn’t initially interested in the field.

[04:35] After being thrown into data science, Avery realizes this is what he is interested in.

[04:52] Adrian asks Avery about how he made the transition from going into data science to creating info products around it.

[06:19] “There’s just better ways to become a data scientist faster..” – Avery on going to school for a masters in data science and how that led him to creating info products.

[07:36] “How can you go from a career unrelated to data science to a data science career as fast as you can? That’s kinda my goal.” – Avery

[09:01] Adrian asks Avery where he found his initial audience and why they trusted him in the data science space.

[11:01] After hearing Avery talk about use of LinkedIn, Adrian responds and remarks on the positive benefits of using this platform for validation.

[14:44] Getting likes and comments on LinkedIn is more valuable than other social media platforms simply because it’s for professionals. 

[15:25] “I far outperform that metric, and I think it’s because the leads I end up doing are really qualified from LinkedIN.” – Avery

[16:40] Adrian asks Avery to talk about what tools he uses on a daily basis to run his business.    

[23:12] Avery discusses how he handles certificates and saves money in the process.

[25:40] “You have to listen to your customers. And sometimes your customers are gonna give you feedback that you would never do yourself.” – Adrian

[26:59] Adrian asks Avery to discuss what he might do differently if he could go back in time and start his business over.

[28:10] In hindsight, Avery might build smaller info products that could be sold individually versus building an entire course at once.

[30:10] More is not always better.

[31:09] “How do I get customers’ results, quickly..cause that’s what they want.” – Avery on building info products 

[33:16] Smaller is better. Feedback is important. The smaller you ship, the faster you get feedback. 

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