Episode 13 | Building a 6-figure membership site, finding your niche, and audience building with Bjork Ostrom

In episode 13, we’ll chat with Bjork Ostrom about building a 6-figure membership site, finding your niche, and audience building.



Topics covered

[01:31] Bjork introduces himself, and talks about why he likes being on other peoples podcasts.

[01:50] Adrian asks Bjork to talk about how he and his wife got into food blogging.

[04:04] “People assume that I have some credibility in food or recipe development, of which I have none….for me it’s about what does it look like to run a successful business” – Bjork

[04:52] “So much of the success of an information product has to do with deep knowledge around a specific niche.” – Bjork

[05:45] It’s in the marketing and the advertising, not the code. These are skills that sometimes developers don’t feel comfortable learning.

[06:33] One thing that can be hard about marketing is that there is not a concrete response generally, whereas with developing you can test a piece of code and see if it works or not. 

[08:31] Bjork talks about audience building and how that is similar to trust building.

[10:24] Publishing content and figuring out the technology around that can be somewhat easy, but creating content that resonates is really the goal and that takes a long time. Bjork talks about his experience with how to analyze feedback to help create content that resonates.

[13:40] Adrian discusses the importance of reciprocity.  

[14:53] Bjork remembers why they got into the educational space after creating and having success creating their initial food blog.

[16:32] Adrian talks about creating competition with educational products and why that can be a good thing.

[19:07] Adrian asks Bjork about creating the membership site and that process.  

[22:11] Adrian remarks on the importance of audience building and gives a practical example of how to start.

[24:43] Starting small and building over time is important in info products. In the beginning you want to be able to pivot. Bjork talks about the early stages of info products.

[26:38] “Really specific in your focus, really broad in your brand, to allow you to level up over time.” – Bjork on early stage info products.

[28:09] After Adrian asks Bjork for his advice for beginners, Bjork talks about trying to catch a wave and the importance of making sure it’s something that you enjoy.

[29:15] Being the “ultimate” expert is not important. You do need to have expertise, but part of the journey is documenting what you are learning and that experience.  

[30:26] Who you are within the content you are creating is very important and part of the overall success of info products.

[31:32] Adrian remarks on the importance of being a beginner and how your audience will relate to your learning process as you document that.

[32:55] “It’s the information you’re delivering, but it’s also your ability as a creator to deliver that in the most engaging way for whoever that audience is.” – Bjork

[35:14] As a creator, it’s important to be relatable to the audience. That’s why being the ultimate expert is not always a good thing.

[35:23] Sharing your journey as you learn and grow is super important and will help not only grow your audience but help them relate to you as well.  

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