Episode 11 | 4 reasons you should blog on your own site instead of Medium

In episode 11, we discuss four reasons why you should blog on our own site instead of Medium.



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[00:39] A listener, Naraj asks if it is better to blog on one’s own blog or on the popular site Medium.

[01:05] Adrian will give four reasons in this episode why publishing on your own blog is better. 

[01:36] While you can use paid ads, the vast majority of info product businesses rely on search traffic to send business to their sites.

[02:35] It takes longer to rank higher in Google search, but the benefit is that you are improving an asset that you own.

[03:09] PyImageSearch’s domain ranking score was a huge perk to the buyers of the company. 

[03:50] Medium allows you to add canonical tags to your posts, which allows Google to see the content as a repost and doesn’t hurt your website’s SEO.  

[04:24] Adrian explains why even though canonical tags can be useful, it’s still a “dangerous game to play.” 

[05:11] Medium is a great platform for casual blogging, but not for business.

[06:00] You want to protect yourself from the downside of a platform like Medium. That can at times mean not reposting your content to a site like that.

[06:16] Reason number two why you should blog on your own site. Platform risk.

[08:00] The only true safe haven is your own website, and even that has some risk associated with it. Adrian explains why you can never fully remove platform risk, but how you can mitigate it.

[08:36] Reason number 3. Customizability. 

[09:52] “If a blogging platform doesn’t make it easy for you to build an email list, then it’s not worth using seriously.” – Adrian

[10:00] The last reason to use your own blog to host your content is profitability. Medium does allow you to use a paywall, but why go that route when you can convert your email list into profit and create more value.

[10:53] Even if you do create a large Medium following, you’re still going to need to spin up an external website regardless to pitch to your followers and to have some sort of cart check out system. 

[11:39] The pros of using your own site dramatically outweigh the cons when compared using a site like Medium. 

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