Episode 1 | From $0 to 7-figures: Why developers should create info products, eBooks, and online courses

In episode 1 of Info Product Mastery, Adrian Rosebrock discusses why developers should consider creating info products, e-books, and online courses, and how such a business can generate upwards of seven figures per year.



Topics covered

[0:45] Adrian talks about his history with PyImageSearch.

[1:20] PylmageSearch began in 2014, and changed Adrian’s life for the better. He explains what led to him creating the business from a personal perspective.

[2:00] The success of his info product business has given Adrian the freedom to live by his own rules. 

[2:30] It’s true that money doesn’t buy happiness, but money can help buy you a certain set of securities. 

[3:30] As a developer, it’s truly an incredible time to be alive. Many developers don’t understand that they are at the center of the education world, with so many ways to share their knowledge.

[4:55] Time is your most important asset. When you give someone your time, make sure you know what you are getting in return. Adrian discusses why you should spend your time listening to him, and what your ROI (return on investment) will be.

[7:15] PyImageSearch was all about teaching developers, students, and hobbyists all about the world of computer vision and deep learning.

[8:05] During his PhD program, Adrian’s learned the theoretical aspects of computer vision, but also focused on learning the practical applications of implementing computer vision algorithms.

[8:30] PyImageSearch was launched in 2014 with the desire to help others getting into the field of computer vision and computer learning. By 2017, it was worth seven figures.

[10:12] Money isn’t the motivating factor anymore. It’s helping others follow the same path, grow their own business, and learn from Adrian’s mistakes.

[11:10] Adrian explains a cheaper, faster, and easier way to be an entrepreneurial developer outside of the SaaS/mobile app traditional approach, and why it makes sense.

[13:10] Developers aren’t typically aware how lucrative the education space can be.

[14:30] Developers can sometimes be too locked-in to the idea that the only way to make money online is to make applications.

[15:42] Adrian discusses the benefits of a non-traditional publishing approach.
[17:40] Adrian’s goal with this podcast is to create a community of developers who want to build and sell their online education products.

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  1. LOVE THIS …. Well Done. I’ve written 21 books and 350 articles … and I suffered from EXACTLY what he talked about on writing books. Love this – can’t wait to hear more.


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