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The podcast that helps developers, educators, and entrepreneurs launch and grow their online education businesses. Whether you’re just looking to create a passive income stream, or build a full-time living.

About Adrian Rosebrock

Hey there, I’m your host, Adrian Rosebrock.

I’m a developer by trade, and have been writing code since I was 14 years old. I’ve been involved in startups and small business since I was 18.

I graduated from college with a PhD in computer science, focusing on machine learning and computer vision (i.e., writing software that can understand and “see” what’s in an image).

I launched my company, PyImageSearch.com, during my final semester of graduate school in 2014.

Learning computer vision in college was extremely challenging due to overly complicated textbooks, few practical, real-world examples, and scarcely little resources online.

I didn’t want others to go through the pain I did, so I created PyImageSearch to make it easier for developers, students, and researchers to learn computer vision, allowing them to be successful when building their own applications and projects.

Three years later, in 2017, I had grown PyImageSearch to 7 figures per year in revenue by selling eBooks and online courses I had created.

Along the way, I:

  • Authored over 500 blog posts/tutorials
  • Wrote 4 books (spanning 9 volumes), three of which netted over $1 million in sales
  • Created 2 courses, each with 100s of lessons
  • Recorded over 200 video tutorials
  • Wrote sales copy for thousands of emails
  • Created countless sales pages
  • Raised nearly $1 million from crowdfunding websites such as Kickstarter and IndieGoGo
  • Created marketing automation pipelines responsible for high seven figures in revenue

In 2021 PyImageSearch was acquired for a life changing exit.

I’m here to share my experiences so you can learn from the mistakes I’ve made…

…and trust me, I made a lot of mistakes!

Goals of the Podcast

The purpose of this podcast is to help developers, educators, and entrepreneurs build, launch, and grow their information product and online education businesses.

Whether you’re trying to create a side hustle to make your car payment each month, or you’re building a multi-million dollar empire, this podcast will help you learn from the mistakes I’ve made along the way.

Topics I Discuss

I strongly believe that developers and programmers have an “unfair advantage” in today’s economy.

Not only are our skills strongly sought after, but due to the rapidly changing technology world, there are a constant stream of new topics other developers are seeking to learn.

By using our specific, expert knowledge in a given area of computer science, programming, or technology, we can:

Educate other developers who want to learn what we know

Build a following

Author paid, premium material

Market and sell our distilled expert knowledge to our followers

Create a successful online education business

What You’ll Learn

Inside this podcast you’ll learn how to:

Identify topics that you already have strong knowledge and expertise in

Research these topics and determine profitable markets you can enter

Create engaging content that draws attention and builds an audience

Publish your first eBook, online course, or education product

Market your content and make sales

Increase revenue with my marketing optimization tips and techniques

Invest back in your business and grow it to new heights

Replace your full-time job with income from your business

Retire early from the revenue generated from your info product business

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