The podcast that helps developers make life changing money by building and selling online courses.

Tips and tactics to help you successfully build, launch, and grow your online education business.

Listener feedback

I am a firm believer that everything can be explained to anybody with the right words. Adrian Rosebrock excels in this art.

Aline Brokmann, Data Scientist at AstraZeneca

Adrian is an extremely passionate and dedicated person in what he does, and he always passes on his knowledge with great care and affection.

Filipe Milani de Souza, Information Technology

About your host

Hey there, I’m Adrian Rosebrock. I’ve worked in information products and online education for almost 10 years. I also have a PhD in computer science.

I launched my company,, in 2014. By 2017 I had grown it to 7 figures per year in revenue by selling eBooks and online courses I had created.

In 2021 PyImageSearch was acquired for a life changing exit.

I’m here to share my experiences so you can learn from the mistakes I’ve made while building and growing your own info product business.